Prom Limo – What are the Most Essential Items You Must Have inside It

Prom is going to be a night in your life that you don’t want to forget soon – and it will also be an introduction to the adult world of party planning & formal dress. There’re a lot of things need to be taken into account beforehand – dates, dresses, transport, corsages, tuxes, makeup, hair – that it is simple to forget what you will require once your prom limo in Westchester has pulled out of the driveway.

Luckily if you have hired a limousine, it is a great place to stock up some of the supplies a promogoer requires. Most of these suggestions, predictably, are directed more towards the girls than the guys.


You don’t know the weather conditions in the late evening in Westchester.  For the guys particularly, carrying an umbrella offers you an opportunity to acquire extra loyalty points if the weather seems to be unfavorable.

Cash/Credit Card:

This shouldn’t be forgotten at all because you may have to tip the limousine chauffeur. And you never know when you need some emergency cash for the celebration night.

Breath Mints:

You will be eating and seating sitting in a packed promo limo, you will be screaming your favorite songs and you may be kissing a date goodnight. So don’t forget to carry your breath mints and do yourself & everybody close to you a favor.

Flat Shoes:

Prom is a classy night for everyone! However, walking in bare feet with shoes in your hands isn’t classy at all. Spare yourself the choice between pain & shame and plan properly.

Emergency Kit:

Girls will require a few emergency items for makeup & wardrobe disasters. You’ll possibly want to bring your own lipstick or gloss, compact mirror, eyeliners, and bobby pins. Also, consider bringing makeup remover (in case something runs over your face), a stain remover, safety pins, and band aids if something happen wrong on the dance floor.  A pocket-size perfume you are wearing can be helpful also.

MP3 Playlist:

Last but not the least; keep your playlist ready for the night of celebration. You don’t want to upset everyone’s’ mood with some disorganized playlist. May be keep a USB storage ready with your selections. However, most of the professional limo services in Westchester give you the option of choosing from a wide range of music which will be loved and enjoyed by everyone inside the vehicle.

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