Need a lavished ride for your upcoming event? Get a dedicated limo ride as per your wish!

Limousines are known to be the lavished travel option around for decades. It providesa unique and luxurious travelling experience that not everyone gets to experience. But for the longest time, Limousines used to be rented only by the rich and famous and other highly influential people.  Fortunately, times have changed, and even the average person can now hire a limo rental service for various purposes. At Cross County Limousine, we are providing exceptional limo rental service at the most affordable rates around Eastchester in New York. We have superior limo rental services with a fleet of well-maintained, late-model luxury, and comfortable vehicles. All our limo rental services are exceptional and tailored to your travel needs.


When should you rent a limo service?


Renting a limo is a popular choice for most people when it comes to events like proms, weddings, and large parties. Everyone wants to enjoy the journey at least once in their life time. Are you planning for your wedding or Bachelorette Party or Prom Night or Birthdays or anything alike soon? Hiring our limo rental Eastchester, NY, should be a priority. Don’t make your big day or special day journey or any special occasion problematic for you and your guests or future spouse or friends with regular taxi service. All such occasions are exceptional, and you must want it to be a stress-free affair. Riding in a tight and uncomfortable vehicle ruins the occasion and to make things worse! You should also consider renting our limousine for you and your friends or family who don’t have a car. Limousines are not only used in weddings or special events alone, as you can rent our limousines for corporate transfer or airport transfer as well. But take note when renting a limo, you should discuss with the limo service if they offer rides going to specific locations or events.


The perfect limousine service what you want


When it comes to comfort and convenience, hiring a limo rental service should not be a question.  For a change, you want to be driven in a car. And that is not just any car. You want a limousine right! Our chauffeur-driven limousine comes with all the beauty and perks that you may not enjoy in normal ground transfer. A limo is very spacious, and you won’t have a problem toaccommodate more people inside as well as bringing your own stuff as well. The main goal of riding in a limousine is to have a relaxing and stress-free ride! Here is little reason for which people prefer to have our limousine rental in Eastchester, NY. Our limo rentals will make you feel like a celebrity!


Getting a limousine service is really cool and safe. You can travel around the town with fun and joy. Also you can hop from one bar to another or visit restaurants, museums, parks or you can go anywhere without any hassle or worries. You also can have a drink or without any fear because a dedicated chauffeur leads you. Riding on our limo rental can also be very impressive as it helps you win someone’s heart, and you can take your beloved for dating to dinner. Then maybe you go to a spot where you can see terrific views, having a grand time. It doesn’t even have to be a date as you can also take your partner, your mom or dad, your siblings, or your best friends to show them an appreciation for being a part of your life!


Probably you may not get the opportunity to ride a limousine every day! We offer you the chance to feel like royalty, or like the queen or feel like an eminent personality even for just a day. How lovely it would be to recall this significant moment. We have courteous, pleasant, and professional chauffeurs will get you to and from your destination on time and in style. Along with that, our backend executives are very supportive of availing our limo rental Eastchester, NY, a stress-free experience. All of us are well trained and excellent in manners. Also we listen to your special request or itinerary managements to make your journey event extra special.

A Few Limo Facts that Will Fascinate You!

Whether you want to ride like a boss or want to make your wedding entry grand, one vehicle that hits mind is limousine. Limousine has always been the epitome of sophistication and elegance. However, buying it can be a costly affair and it’s not the cup of tea for everyone!

Do not worry if you cannot afford to buy a limousine! You can still enjoy limo rides. To make your dream ride come true without hurting your pocket, we at Cross County Limousine offer limo rental in Harrison NY at a price that fits well in your budget.

Before you decide to taking up our limo rental in Harrison NY, we would like to share some of the interesting facts regarding limos, which will definitely fascinate you more towards taking a ride in it! Have a look –

  • The first ever limousine was built in the year 1902. However, the vehicle was not as huge as we see them today. It appeared more like the stagecoaches of old with a seat outside the main cab for the driver.

  • ‘Limousine’ might sound like something graceful to you! But the word comes from a geographic region in France that is known for its harsh weather. The region was renowned for its traditionally built vehicles that were used by members of the guard that required protection from the harsh weather of the area. Doesn’t it resemble the concept of today’s limos we know and adore!

  • The actual stretch limo was first built in the year 1928 in Arkansas and in a fewer days it became one of the best-selling and loved automobiles of that time. After its introduction in the market, numerous famous bands used the vehicle for carrying their band equipment and instruments. Today, the limos can be found in different designs that include vans, buses, RVs and stretch SUVs and more.

  • Air conditioning got introduced to limousine in the year 1939 by a New York based company which also added the feature in several other luxury automobiles. The sole purpose of introducing AC was to avoid dehydration and other severe heat issues.

  • You can find limousines in different shapes and sizes. Most of them are stretched out versions. But did you know, the longest limo was manufactured in California in 1997 and was one hundred feet long? The limo had two separate driver cabins i.e. one at the front and one at the back with 26 wheels.

Aren’t the facts astonishing? Not just the facts but limos are one of the most astonishing vehicles that can make your rides comfy, safe and enjoyable. All we at Cross County Limousine make sure to keep all our limos in tip-top condition with regular maintenance. Also we incorporate all necessary and luxury amenities to make your events or rides memorable and fun filled.

To learn more about of our limo rental in Harrison NY, contact us today!

Executive transportation services – The ideal way to highlight your organization

A business executive has many significant responsibilities. They must run some portion of an association or organization, giving a valiant effort to advance organizational development and achievement. To get this position, long periods of difficult work and commitment are required, alongside a drive for accomplishment. In addition to the fact that businesses reflect crafted by its officials, yet administrators likewise mirror the organization and its picture. It is critical to keep up a professional picture and represent your organization fittingly when directing business with different organizations and with customers.

It is ideal to have limo services for business executives from travel organizations who understand executive transportation services and its importance.

What are Executive Travel and Business Travel? 

With respect to business travel, the vehicle you travel in not just flags your colleagues about the idea of demonstrable skill in your business, yet in addition the individual tastes and culture of your business. Each vehicle has its own look, and there are wide ranges of kinds of professional limos utilized for official transportation. The most well-known type of executive transportation is a chauffeured luxury vehicle. Vehicles incorporate sedans, sprinter vans, charter buses, coach buses, vintage cars, classic cars, limousines, and shuttle buses. Every one of these vehicles has contrasting styles that you can utilize to show the individuality of your organization.

What Image Does My Chauffeur Transportation Reflect About My Company? 

Anticipating your organization’s picture is critical. About the customary business official, polished skill is critical. You have to keep up your hope to help advance your organization’s way of life at the workplace, and outside the workplace. It is not that if you project your organization well in your workplace your responsibility is over. Nevertheless, the polished methodology does not stop there. You have to take your business outside the workplace and represent yourself and your organization in numerous examples. While working together away from your home of activities, you have to show others why your business is the one to work with. My chauffeur transportation is that which helps you to reflect not only your professionalism but that of your company too.

Chauffeur Executive Transportation and Chauffeured Transportation 

We should begin by first talking about what a chauffeur is. Despite the fact that the term alludes to a driver of an exclusive vehicle, a chauffeur is an exceptionally gifted, experienced administrator of a luxury vehicle. They are the most elite drivers in the transportation business and usually offer executive ground transportation. Understanding why organizations incline toward chauffeurs over typical drivers is very simple. For one, reliability is a trait of a chauffeur. At the point when business administrators travel, they require timely services as indicated by the plan. One setback could prompt getting to a meeting late, which could lead your business turns out to have an image of unprofessionalism. The unwavering quality of chauffeurs eradicates this. Reliability and professionalism demarcate chauffeur services from others. You can expect to have a properly dressed chauffeur waiting for you before the expected time when you have chauffeur services. When the vehicle picks you up, expect unrivaled chauffeur administration from one who is skilled having proper knowledge of the streets to ensure you are on schedule. Chauffeurs are officials like you and respect you in such a manner.

Distinctive Executive Chauffeur Services 

Generally, executive chauffeur organizations offer a wide selection of vehicles for hire to fit the various needs of business administrators. An experienced chauffeur drives every vehicle. Polished skill and ease are the concentration for this kind of administration, so hope to be dealt with well. You can expect chauffeurs wearing suits driving your car while reflecting their professionalism and giving you a chance to reflect the same for your organization. You can have comfort and privacy irrespective of travelling alone, with individual colleagues, or customers.

The Perfect Executive Vehicle Suited For You 

Finding the proper vehicle for your executive travel transportation will depend upon a couple of things. It depends on what you expect from your vehicle. Is it your desire to show conventionally polished professionalism or stand out? What number of individuals will go with you? These are some interesting points when probing for the right chauffeured vehicle for you. There are various nature of vehicles and vehicle types accessible offer various advantages and reflect different pictures.

What The Chosen Vehicle Says About You 

The vehicle you travel in during business trips is an immediate portrayal of your business and qualities. Making a trip in a taxi to the front of your customer’s office does not extend a similar picture as to when driven by a professionally dressed chauffeur in a 1950s exemplary Bentley car. The vehicle you alight from influences the manner in which your customer organization will see your organization as well as you as its delegate so it is imperative to settle on the correct vehicle decision.

Finding the correct vehicle to go in is not simple. You have to have a thought of the way of life of the organization or customers you are working with to locate the ideal match. The takeaway here is you should think about the circumstance in which you are going to lead a business to locate the best methods for transportation!

Natures of the vehicle for diverse executive transportation needs 

For littler gatherings or for solo official travel, a luxury sedan is perfect, while for midsized executive transportation you need to have shuttle buses or limousines. On the other hand, a large coach bus is ideal if you have a larger group.

One thing in common is irrespective of the nature of the vehicle you choose you will have comfort, elegance and reflection of professionalism when you travel and alight from them.

When To Book My Executive Chauffeur? 

The response to this inquiry is sooner the better. Executive chauffeur administrations depend on accessibility. This implies the various vehicles offered are special, and once leased by another person, become inaccessible to others needing transportation. Thus, it is encouraged to book as right on time as possible. A timely reservation guarantees you can secure your ideal luxury vehicle and abstain from compellation to choose from a thin fleet of accessible vehicles. Restricting yourself up until the last moment can leave you to pick between vehicles that probably won’t be the perfect fit to pass on your organization’s reputation, which can prompt an unprofessional outlook or misrepresent your organization in that specific case.

Prices Of Executive Transportation

Chauffeuring is assistance, which implies that costs will mirror the degree of the administration offered. There is no set value along these lines, so we should discuss what impacts the value you will pay for executive transportation. The car you select has the maximum influence on valuing. The uniqueness crosswise over vehicles will decide the value contingent upon how big the vehicle is, and what number of features are prepared. The next factor having the greatest impact on cost is to what extent you need the vehicle for. The more you need the service of the chauffeur, the higher the cost will be. The last factors that influence the cost of executive transportation are the places you will travel and the availability of vehicle. Concerning accessibility, the cost will be set depending on what is left. Regularly, when there is more availability of vehicles, the costs are normal. When the vehicle you wish to hire is just a few left, many organizations raise the costs. To keep a safe distance from such price escalation, it is best to hire as ahead of schedule as would be prudent.

How To Have The Best Executive Chauffeur Service

Everybody desires to have the best possible. It is in our human instinct. We progress toward the best and would favor not to settle for anything less. Here at Cross County Limousine, we offer a standout amongst other chauffeur services for business travel and business officials the same, at a reasonable cost. Our long association in the transportation business has made us aware of the desires that you have when you opt to have an executive chauffeur service. Our assurance of timely service is only one component of our organization that we offer to isolate us from our rivals and improve your involvement in us. You can easily have a look at different reviews that our elite clients have given us. If we pick a few words, which our elite clients used to describe and refer us, they are “Amazing service, on-time professional service, spectacular deal, extremely professional driver and reliability.” On the off chance that you are searching for a wide choice of vehicles, you are at the perfect spot. Our organization offers a huge choice of luxurious vehicles. Getting an executive chauffeur service has never been less expensive than it has been with us. Be in touch with us and we will help you to have the perfect business transportation through our limo rental helping you to reflect your business organization in the best possible professional manner.