A Few Limo Facts that Will Fascinate You!

Whether you want to ride like a boss or want to make your wedding entry grand, one vehicle that hits mind is limousine. Limousine has always been the epitome of sophistication and elegance. However, buying it can be a costly affair and it’s not the cup of tea for everyone!

Do not worry if you cannot afford to buy a limousine! You can still enjoy limo rides. To make your dream ride come true without hurting your pocket, we at Cross County Limousine offer limo rental in Harrison NY at a price that fits well in your budget.

Before you decide to taking up our limo rental in Harrison NY, we would like to share some of the interesting facts regarding limos, which will definitely fascinate you more towards taking a ride in it! Have a look –

  • The first ever limousine was built in the year 1902. However, the vehicle was not as huge as we see them today. It appeared more like the stagecoaches of old with a seat outside the main cab for the driver.

  • ‘Limousine’ might sound like something graceful to you! But the word comes from a geographic region in France that is known for its harsh weather. The region was renowned for its traditionally built vehicles that were used by members of the guard that required protection from the harsh weather of the area. Doesn’t it resemble the concept of today’s limos we know and adore!

  • The actual stretch limo was first built in the year 1928 in Arkansas and in a fewer days it became one of the best-selling and loved automobiles of that time. After its introduction in the market, numerous famous bands used the vehicle for carrying their band equipment and instruments. Today, the limos can be found in different designs that include vans, buses, RVs and stretch SUVs and more.

  • Air conditioning got introduced to limousine in the year 1939 by a New York based company which also added the feature in several other luxury automobiles. The sole purpose of introducing AC was to avoid dehydration and other severe heat issues.

  • You can find limousines in different shapes and sizes. Most of them are stretched out versions. But did you know, the longest limo was manufactured in California in 1997 and was one hundred feet long? The limo had two separate driver cabins i.e. one at the front and one at the back with 26 wheels.

Aren’t the facts astonishing? Not just the facts but limos are one of the most astonishing vehicles that can make your rides comfy, safe and enjoyable. All we at Cross County Limousine make sure to keep all our limos in tip-top condition with regular maintenance. Also we incorporate all necessary and luxury amenities to make your events or rides memorable and fun filled.

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