Bring in Ultimate in Luxury to Bachelorette Party with Party Bus in New York

Planning a bachelorette party in New York can be hard and overwhelming. If you’ve been putting off planning your own or a close friend’s bachelorette part, now is the right time to get the ball rolling! The main problem with planning a bachelorette party bus in New York is that there are truly just so many options to choose from.

While the entire planning may seem like an impossible task, you’re in luck. Getting your own party bus in NY for your bachelorette party can help you plan the bachelorette party at the best. If you haven’t thought of getting a 35 passenger party bus in NY for your next bachelorette party that you are planning, here are just a few reasons why you need one:

Enough space for your bachelorette party –

When moving around from a place to another during your bachelorette party extravaganza, the last thing you will stress about is cramped for enough space. Through a professional party bus rental company, you can get to choose from a huge array of options. With so many possibilities, you will be sure to get the right party bus for you and your group to be comfortable in for the night out on the town.

Making the most out of your night –

With the limited time you have to host your own or your close friend’s upcoming wedding, you’ll want to make the most out of your night out on the town. With a 35 passenger bus in NY bring you from place to place throughout the night, the party will never stop and you won’t miss a beat while making your way around the town. Bring some of your preferred drinks with you on board the bus and you can make sure you arrive at the next stop ready to go!

The safest way to move around –

While planning a night of club hopping or night out in New York, it’s smart to think about how to stay safe and secure throughout the night. With your own professionally chauffeured party bus rental, you won’t need to worry about who is behind the wheel or trying to find a transportation while you’re ready to go. All you need to do is to make your reservation ahead of time and you won’t have anything holding you back from enjoying the bachelorette party night.

The professionally chauffeured transportation –

When you’ve a wedding day of travel ahead, it’s really common to get a little bit stressed about the timeline for the day. When you’ve a tight time schedule, it’s necessary that you get things going on a perfect note with a timely arrival to the bachelorette party.

If you have a professional party bus chauffeur bringing you right to the bachelorette party venue, you won’t need to worry about making it within plenty of time to party hard with your friends. And most of all, you won’t need to get stressed about the directions, routes, traffic, etc.

Traveling altogether –

One of the most important parts of going out with a large group is bringing everyone altogether. Your group of 35 could accommodate easily in a 35 passenger party bus in NY. When you have your entire group on a party bus, you can be sure that everyone will be together for the entire night.

Contact the professional party bus rental company in New York–

These are just a few reasons why hiring a party bus for your next bachelorette party is a good idea. With your best friends all in a moving club going wherever you want, how could you have a bad time? Don’t forget to add some of your favorite drinks and the perfect playlist and rest assured that it’ll be a great night to remember!

To hire a 35 passenger party bus in NY, please contact Cross County Limousine as soon as possible! Give us a call today and let’s get started!

Reason to prefer limousine services that make any bachelors/ bachelorette party flourishing

Are you trying to arrange a memorable bachelors/ bachelorette party? When it comes to the party, limo for a bachelorette party in Westchester can act as a big assistance to go for fun!  The bride to be got married and her groups have a desire to rejoice their occasion in a grand way.  Limo for a bachelor’s party in Westchester is surely a trustworthy and affordable alternative to reach the party venue in a luxurious, secure and stylish way.


Bachelors/ bachelorette parties usually employ limos to get to their party venues, but why is this? If you think of renting a limo service for your bachelorette party in Westchester, here are the reasons that show why it’s a good idea!


Stress free journey

iring a limo driver guarantees a worry less ride, leaving you and your friends free from parking, traffic or any hurdles that come in your way. No need to think of parking as your chauffeur will find the best place to park the vehicle after dropping you and your friends at the party destinations. Even if the parking lot is full, still you will not be late to your party. With a Limo service for bachelor’s party in Westchester, leave the responsibility of parking to the driver and concentrate more to get to the party quicker


No need for a designated driver

A designated driver is significant for a bachelors/ bachelorette party since the party involves copious amounts of alcohol, more joy, and fun. The chauffeurs are well experienced enough to deal with such a situation. Furthermore, the drivers remain sober and completely aware of the surroundings to drive you and your group to the party venue in a safer way. The driver in the Limo for bachelorette party service has no such problems to sit in the limo until the party is over, and then drive you and your friends back to their homes. It is just the part of their job, and they perform it most professionally!


Smart investment

Since limo service for a bachelor’s party in Westchester is essentially a luxurious and fancy taxi service, it may think to be expensive. In fact, it is not as expensive as one might suspect! A limo for bachelor/bachelorette party in Westchester won’t cost you much in comparison to the service and facilities they provide while driving you. Furthermore, you can bring down the price by split up the fare within your group. Everyone gets a ride, hence not a single person has to burden the entire cost of the trip.


More fun

Limousines are designed to be comfortable and spacious with plenty of amenities to make your journey filled with more fun and pleasure. The Limo services for bachelor’s party in Westchester are well-maintained, & stocked with amenities upon request. You and your group can enjoy the ride with the glass of wine, dance, music, and even more fun until you reach the party itself. The fun will continue even after the party on your way back home. Thus you can enjoy the entire time of your journey that begins from your doorstep until you reach your home safely. Limo for bachelors/ bachelorette party in Westchester, NY is the ideal way to cuts down the awkward pre and post-party silence!



Cross County Limousine offers bachelor party limo services as a luxury experience. If you are looking for a limousine for a bachelor/bachelorette party, our exotic limos are the finest in Westchester, NY. When you are celebrating your Bachelor Party, we will sure to offer our best travel experience and take care of your group in an elegant style and make it memorable! For advance booking needs or consultation contact us at 914-330-3010 or 914-462-7529 today!

Get the Most out of Prom with Party Bus in NY

Prom is always a special night for all teens. Going school seems like hard work at times and the endless exams, assignments may seem like all work and no play. After all, your year-long hard work deserves a night to let down your hair and enjoy prom night.


Prom night is an excuse to get dressed up and party. Maybe you have a date? Maybe all of your friends have a date? What better way to arrive in style in one of the party buses in New York?

After all, prom is the most awesome event that they look forward to once they reach junior high. Apart from deciding what to wear and how to style your hair during prom, choosing the ideal transportation is actually as important as choosing a prom date.


A luxurious, formal, and stylish ride will make your prom more enjoyable and exciting. When it comes to this kind of event, there could be only one vehicle to use and that is a party bus rental in New York.


Prom Party Bus Rental –

When it comes to a larger mobile prom party venue, you should look for party bus rentals. A party bus is a luxury vehicle that can fit a number of people and has the state-of-the-art features as well as amenities for partying on-board.


Apart from having club lighting and seating, party buses are equipped with amazing audio and video systems, fabulous air conditioning, a private bar or refreshment center so that you and your friends can make the most out of your prom night.


Most party buses are huge and will accommodate a lot of people at a time. There is no need to worry about driving and directions as you’ll have an experienced, professional chauffeur to take you and your friends anywhere you want to go to New York.


Booking Your Party Bus for Prom in New York –

You and your friends deserve nothing but the best prom party bus rental. You should compare prices, features, and size of party buses before you make your choice.


Be sure to take into consideration a specific number of people so that you can choose the right prom party bus that suits the interests of your group. Features may vary for every luxury ride. All you need to do is to specify your needs while booking your prom night transportation.


Conclusion –

Whether you want to book a party bus for prom in New York, Cross County Limousine will be the right choice for your transportation needs. We understand the importance of riding in style.


For your convenience, our limousine company provides exclusive and most affordable party bus rental packages to make your special occasion an affair to remember. You can book our 35 passenger party bus in NY and let your friends reach the prom venue comfortably.


For immediate availability, please browse our website at

35 Passenger Party Bus in NY – The Luxury and Convenience Your Group Deserves

Do you need an exotic and comfortable ride for your large group in NY? Are you looking to take your group of 35 members to a wedding, corporate party, bachelor party or night out on the town? Maybe you require relaxing and comfortable group transportation for a concert, sightseeing tour or sports event in the city. Is it your plan for a special ride full of luxury and convenience for your foreign corporate visitors? Or, probably you want the exotic feel and comfort while you travel along with your guests to your party destination in the city.  You can go for 35 passenger party bus in NY that will turn out to be an exceptional mode of transportation for your group on every occasion.


If luxury and comfort matters in your group travel, or you need to seat relaxed in a large bus with all sorts of luxury for your partying group, then 35 passengers party bus is the perfect vehicle to book for. This exotic bus has many luxury features to make your group ride comfortable and pleasant for any event. The plush seating is likely to add to your guests’ level of comfort, and there is decorative lighting along with sophisticated entertaining systems to enjoy the party to the fullest. With 35 passenger party bus rental, you can get a safe and smooth chauffeur drive.  So, you can keep up celebration even on the way to your destination without worrying about security.


Blend of Luxury, Comfort and Safety in a 35 Passenger Party Bus

The rent of a 35 passenger party bus will ensure you great luxury in a night out or bachelor party. Rather than getting worried for calling a cab to go to your party venue, your 35 passenger party bus will be available to take your group to and from the event with ease.


The professional chauffeurs will control the steering and follow the road safety rules, leaving you with a remarkable riding experience. The 35 passenger party bus in NY can be booked online at any hour for any event.  The party bus rental packages will be affordable and come with trained chauffeurs to ensure that your group rides safely and without any delay. This is what makes the 35 passenger party bus rental a great choice for proms, weddings, birthdays and bachelorette parties.


Why Book a 35 Passenger Party Bus in NY?

You will have access to an exclusive range of features in such a party bus that will make your ride special every time. These features are as follows:

1. Luxurious seating with separate VIP area
2 .Attractive lightings like laser lights and strobe lights
3. Fascinating interior
4. Sophisticated entertaining systems
5. Air-conditioning
6. MP3/ CD/AM/FM Stereos
7. DVD player and Flat Screen TV
8. Digital Connection
9. iPod Connection
10. Stand up bar
11. Flat Screen TV and DVD player


Why Don’t Have Luxury and Comfort like a VIP?

The 35 passenger party bus in NY can seat up to thirty-five passengers with superior class comfort and luxury, which enables it to give a VIP treat on social gatherings as well as personal events. Booking a 35 passenger party bus in NY  with Cross County Limousine can be done within a few minutes and you will have the best packages with a top of the line sound and lighting for your optimal enjoyment in the New York area. We are committed not just to serve and satisfy your group transportation needs but also give your guests a VIP treat at the best price and with the best possible facilities. If you want an exotic party bus rental in the city, just fill up the online form or call Cross County Limousine at 914-330-3010/ 914-462-7529 for 35 passenger party bus booking right now!