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Today, the limousine is the most conspicuous example of inexpensive, luxurious ground transportation. It symbolizes anything from pure consumption to great power and style since government officials, celebrities and the corporate sector worldwide like to use limousines or Limo rental use them frequently. It also symbolizes special occasions such as weddings, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, proms, funerals, and major ceremonies.

Finding the best limo service in Yonkers is simple enough with us and we will help you find the most luxurious limousines that definitely fit your need and individual taste. Our limo rentals in Yonkers NY today are not restricted merely to extensions of large, top-of-the-line luxury automobiles. Today best limo service in Yonkers can be and often are, fashioned from SUVs, vans, Cadillac, Lincoln or even certain types of large Sedan as well. If you’re celebrating a special wedding anniversary with family and friends, our limo rental in Yonkers NY has the best limousines service to transport your entire party with ease.

If you have an urgent flight to catch and your home is located in the suburbs, then no need to worry. Our best limo service in Yonkers will let you feel comfortable to arrive at the airport on time. We are the responsible ground transport company and hire responsible chauffeurs in our service who understand time is money. Our backend executives and expert chauffeurs understand the significance of delivering commendable service throughout every ride. Whether your destination is twenty minutes or two hours away, we always pledge our clients for full control over vehicles, on-time service, and enjoy your journey. The experienced driver will arrive at your designated location at least 15 minutes before the pick-up time irrespective of the time including late night. Hence there will not be any question you run into a problem!

Best limo services in Yonkers always allow the most comfortable way to get around. No need to contend with the weird smells, unclean vehicle, reckless drivers, and unpleasant car interiors but only the far more pleasant riding experience with our limo rentals service. Our limo rental in Yonkers NY let you enjoy your ride where you can stretch out, enjoy the music, have some drinks, or even chat with your group without worrying about the traffic. Whether you’re going for any special event or to the airport or any business meeting, you’ll be glad to arrive stress-free with utmost comfort and luxury! Regardless of the venue in the Yonkers NY area, Cross County Limousine will get you there safely so you can just enjoy time spent with loved ones or make your business meeting or airport transportations successful.

Anyplace can be special and exceptional when you’re with your nearer and dearer and the people you love. But getting there with a limo rental makes it much better. Hence trust on Cross County Limousine for reserving limo rental in Yonkers NY should be wise to make your special day or night out special to be remembered forever!

The best time to have limo rental in Scarsdale NY for work

At the point when the vast majorities think about the reasons for a limousine, enormous, flashy occasions like weddings and proms ring a bell. You may not quickly think about the manners in which a limo could be utilized for work; however, a considerable lot of our customers employ our limo rental in Scarsdale NY for a few distinctive business-related reasons. Here are portions of the conditions in which our Scarsdale Limo Service can be a great method to go for work.

Going to a bog meeting

As we have, all heard a thousand times, initial introductions are extremely vital. In addition, there are not numerous manners by which to make a greater sprinkle than by arriving someplace in limo rental in Scarsdale NY from us. On your way to a noteworthy gathering, having a major contract online? Try not to appear in an exhausting, old vehicle. Have our Scarsdale Limo Service and confer in style to let those you are meeting with see that you are serious. You will additionally profit by some peaceful time without anyone else’s input or with your group to strategize and smoothly get ready for the gathering.

Entertaining clients

Some portion of business includes building connections. Regardless of whether you will play a series of golf or feasting at a fine eatery, it pays to inspire essential customers and accomplices. A little exertion can go far about solidifying a prosperous, long haul association with a business customer. Having limo rental in Scarsdale NY from us for the evening or night demonstrates that, notwithstanding your capabilities, you likewise put a high incentive on having a decent time and obliging visitors.

Going for a business trip

Going for work can be debilitating, particularly in the event that you do it frequently. One incredible approach to enhance this is by going in extravagance and solace having limo rental in Scarsdale NY from us at Cross County Limousine. Getting the chance to take it easy can have a major effect in kicking your outing off agreeably. In case you are accustomed to managing traffic and the problem of stopping, it is an enormous help to have the capacity to leave the most distressing parts of heading out to the experts. Book your limo ahead of time and you will make certain to confer on time and in a decent mood, prepared for a productive business trip.

The special events made better by the best Westchester limo company

Have you at any point seen an individual or gathering being chauffeured in a limousine or different lavish vehicle and felt marginally jealous of them knowing they are in all probability going to an extravagant occasion and are having a great time being driven all around town while you are driving yourself to your goal? Have you at any point pondered where that individual or gathering were being transported to?

Truly, that individual or gathering could have been going anywhere. There are such a large number of exceptional occasions and events where booking a transportation services from us at Cross County Limousine the best Westchester limo company can surpass your desires for the whole day/evening. In case you’re pondering what exceptional occasions are improved by booking Westchester Limo Service from us, continue perusing so you can make your following day/night on the town far and away superior by booking a transportation service.


Westchester is known for being a concert hotspot. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful city, to the point that hosts such huge numbers of energizing artist and shows.

Enlisting a chauffeur driven transportation service from us at Cross County Limousine the best Westchester limo company for a show will make your whole night feel fabulous, relatively as if you are VIP! In addition to the fact that it is energizing riding with your chauffeur to see one of your most loved specialists perform live, yet you’re ready to appreciate the show better knowing you don’t need to stress over discovering stopping, getting to the scene on time or being calm for your ride to the setting or home. We can even give champagne to you to appreciate on your ride there.


Prom – it is the one school occasion most teenagers anticipate from the time they enter secondary school. From scanning for the ideal prom dress/tux to eating at an unrestrained eatery and moving the night away with companions, what has not to anticipate?

Not exclusively, does booking prom transportation from us at Cross County Limousine the best Westchester limo company guard your kid, it is likewise more diversion for them and their companions in the event that they appear to prom in an extravagant limousine, car or SUV, finish with a very much-prepped chauffeur wearing customary back suit uniform! Your child will get the chance to go through the whole night with their companions, being chauffeured to supper and prom, making recollections they will always remember.


Everybody knows about how distressing a wedding day can be. From hair arrangements to conclusive gathering walkthroughs, outstanding amongst other long periods of your life can likewise be a standout amongst the most distressing until the point when you stroll down that walkway.

By having Westchester Limo Service from us, you will have genuine feelings of serenity and feel less focused on knowing you will not need to stress over driving and organizing rides for your marriage party – and on the off chance that you employ Cross County Limousine the best Westchester limo company, we guarantee your wedding transportation will run easily.

Make the most of your journey to New York City with Bronx Limo Service

Home to the Empire State Building, Times Square or Statue of Liberty and much national and international airport, New York is one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Are you looking for a limo service in NYC that is committed to exceeding your ground transportation needs? If you are in New York for business or pleasure and have a desire to visit its attractions we recommend booking our Bronx Limo Service in New York. This way you will avoid the troubles that could appear while driving in the New York City. Engaging a reliable Bronx Limo Service in New York can not only help you with your scheduled but also plan to focus on something else and wind down to some eye-catching spots to explore.


Empire State Building

A visit to New York City may not be considered as complete without a stop at this masterpiece building perhaps the most famous office building in the world. Take a Bronx Limo Service in New York to assist you reach this National Historic Landmark that gives visitors plenty of thing to learn and many more things to admire about the original documents, sketches, reproduction photos and other artifacts that describe the building’s history.


Lady Liberty Statue

A trip to the Lady Liberty statue in New York City is the experience of a lifetime for any avid travelers. Feel the splendor of 151-foot tall Lady Liberty statue a stirring symbol of freedom has been an inspiration in New York Harbor since 1886. You can access this historical place via commercial ferries that offer an amazing experience and a perfect vacation snapshot as the memory of a lifetime.


9/11 Memorial Museum

Our Bronx Limo Service in New York will take you to the 9/11 Memorial Museum that has done an excellent job clearly showing what happened on that day in getting the emotional experience of the event. There was so much to take in walking through the museum to learn more about the people who lost their lives, amazing and horrible things that made that day more real instead of a story.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Simply known as “the Met”, is a well-known museum that offers an unmatched view of the world, under one roof. This place has truly something for everyone and there is no shortage of things to see, and well worth a visit. You will be amazed to see more than two millions of artworks that span over five thousand years of history. This place is massive-but a must see!


Time Square

Time Square is the famous attractions in the heart of the city that never sleeps and the best place for travel dreamers. This place is really cool and the brightest place in the World to make you get mesmerized very easily. It is well known for its major commercial intersection, tourist destination, entertainment centers, best hotels and restaurants, night activities, shopping and much more to get pleasure from. With our Bronx Limo Service in New York, you are sure to get the safe yet extreme journey to take pleasure in the best hot spots in Time Square.



Engaging a reliable ground transport service will help you in each step of your scheduling and planning of any journey in New York City. Our Bronx Limo Service in New York is always equipped with expert chauffeuring service for you or your families or associate executives and makes you rest assured of reliability, safe and comfortable ride whenever you’re on the road. Just give us a call on 914-462-7529 or book our services online at and start enjoying a great time with us today!

Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday With Limo Service

Riding a limo is like a dream comes true for many! Limousines are part of the society that caters luxury and satisfaction. Plus, it will help you to elevate your social status. People, who are ready to spend more for making their events memorable, hiring a limo service will be top of their list.

You probably have plenty of important days to celebrate in a year. But as parent, you definitely emphasize more for your child’s birthday. These are meant to be celebrated and parents love to go for extra miles to make that event memorable.As parents have burning desires to see their children happy I have a solid plan for you to make this birthday memorable. Just go for hiring a limo! It is probably unexpected for your child, but while you are hiring this service, it will be surely the best birthday present you have ever made.

Benefits to bag for hiring Limo service for your child’s birthday

Every parents always plan to celebrate their children’s birthday in a unique way. These are like choosing a venue which is far from their home or going on a trip. At the same time, hiring a limo is not only gives uniqueness to your event but also provides special pride to you and your family. While you are choosing a venue which is far from Eastchester, choosing the right medium of transportation should be on the top of your list. While you are stepping up for limo service it not only gives you pleasure, but also your children will cheer for their unexpected and exceptional gift. Although you have to spend something more for availing limo service in Eastchester, New York but the experience will be priceless.

All most all parents wish to give a royal touch to the birthday events. Hiring limo service for accomplishing this dream will be the best. It is truly amazing, while your children come down from the car dressing like a prince or princess. Roll out the red carpet just near to door, for a charming experience. You may have sparky decoration for that event, but it will add more color to it. Your pie of heart will be overwhelmed while you will greeted with a round of applause guests those have already gathered there to spice up the party. So nurture this idea and celebrate your child’s birthday in king size! It is not hard to find out the nicest limo to fit for this event.

3 Useful Tips to Consider to Book Luxury Limos in NY

A limousine is an exotic vehicle – which exemplifies luxury and class. When it comes to a corporate event or a lucrative business meeting in New York, you can’t take any ordinary transport service to drive you.

Of course, you should hire limos in NY – that handle the luxury transportation responsibility very well and can get you anywhere you want to be prior to the scheduled time.

Please keep in mind that, limousines are not only meant for corporate events, but also for wedding transportation, prom night, anniversaries, night outs, etc.

Booking Limousine Service in New York City –

How do you choose a limousine service? There’s a huge availability of limousine companies in New York and choosing the right one can be an intimidating task. Here are a few tips you need to consider to book New York limos for your luxury transportation needs:

Tips to Consider to Hire Limos in NY –

  1. How many people will you be travelling?

Do you need transportation for a wedding or a corporate meeting? Beforehand, you should know how many people will be travelling. You’ll be surprised to know how affordable using a limo service is if you calculate the per-head cost.

For instance, if you want to hire a car for airport transportation, you can choose a luxury sedan. This means, when you know the number of people you’ll travel with, you’ll be assured to find the perfect vehicle and price for your transportation needs.

  1. What are exactly your transportation needs?

You should be clear about the things you can compromise and the things that you can’t. You should let the limousine company know your requirements so that they can provide you a perfect limousine for you.

A reliable limousine company must have a huge fleet of luxury cars and it’ll be easy for you to choose the one that meets your expectations.

  1. What should you check for safety?

While thinking about safety, you need to make sure the limousine company only hires professional chauffeurs. The chauffeurs should be experienced in driving limousines throughout New York.

You need to make sure the company carries necessary certifications. It means, the limousine service have a valid license and registered with the state and municipalities of operation.

Another important factor you should consider is maintenance. The vehicles of the company must be maintained periodically. Hiring a limo is worth nothing if it can’t get you to the desired place on-time, because it broke down on the way.

Please remember that, limousine travel is about luxurious services and you shouldn’t jeopardize it. If you’re going to hire limos in NY to attend a meeting, on-time arrival should be your main priority. Thus the limousine company must make sure your vehicle reaches your destination before the scheduled pickup time.

Conclusion –

No vehicle exhibits luxury and class than a limousine in New York. Moreover, hiring a limousine to attend important events has become a trend currently. There are many limousine rental services with little or no experience in what this entails.

You should hire limos in NY through Cross County Limousine that has experience and has established itself in the industry. You should always choose our well-known company and never settle for less!

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Make your Special Occasion Transportation with a trusted limousine in Westchester County

There are many reasons to make an event special. For a sports person, it’s the Game, for a high school student it’s the Prom, for a Young man it’s a wedding.The occasion involves you and your guests. Why not get a ride with a smile and style with the best limousine in Westchester County.  You must understand that you have a big responsibility to choose the right Limo. You must look forward to seeing the best features from the Local limousine in Westchester County.

Are you getting a Door Step Pickup –

To give you the best comfort at your special occasion,  the limousine service company makes all arrangements for a pick and drop of everyone to the event place or to your residence. You may have to plan for a long distance travel just to attend the birthday or Anniversary or a Corporate event, in which case from adoorstep pickup and drive you safely is the top priority for the Westchester limo companies.

Are you getting the best Chauffeur –

If you are an outstation person, you must understand that the best chauffeur gives a lot more than just a Limo as he is the best person who understands your issues, interests, concerns while on the drive.

Are they permitted by Department of Public Safety –

You must look for an authentic limousine in Westchester County for your special occasion travel. Your safety is linked to the safety factors of the limousine company and its processes. Do ensure speak to a representative to know if the Limousine company is an authentic company registered with DPS (Department of Public Safety) in the same localities and permitted to transport across borders.

Are they objectively punctual  –

Your time is precious. Think what you lose if you reach a stadium late ora training hall late! Similarly, a little delay may cause a disruption to a biggerplan in proms, wedding and other occasions.  Transporting you and your guest in time of the selected vehicles is something a professional limo company can always strive for.

Are they Flexible  –

Ground transportation companies should provide a level of care to his customers right from booking to relieving and hence they do not avoid to check with the customer about the timeline. If you have a special request to extend the transportation or call for additional limousines for a few more hours, they should be able to accept this.


At Cross County Limousine we stand for professionalism, reliability, and expertise. We are committed to providing you our 100% exceptional and convenient chauffeur services in Westchester, New YorkCity. Our luxury vehicles speak out for themselves, being the top cars in chauffeuring.  We offer the most competitive price in the entire Westchester area for our limo service. We have an extended list of satisfied and delighted clients who advertise our service the best! Feel free to contact us at our number 914-462-7529 or leave a message on our website

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Limousine in New York

Limousine is a preferred ground transportation service offering luxury and comfort of travel to localities of New York city for years and it is not only helping NYC residents to celebrate all walks of life but also assisting to have corporate events, weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, prom, or a night out on the town. Our Limo Rental Service in Bronx, NY is not only affordable but also ensure personalised care to the on-board passengers. There are many choices in our fleet whether it is a Party bus, Mercedes or BMW you would like to book for your transportation.

Here are some of the key reasons why a Limousine can be a good choice.

Executive Travellers Choice –

Many corporate events & trainings happen in Bronx attract a lot of passenger movement from Airport or from the corporate offices to the Event venue. Being a VIP, Executive or a Sports person you should travel with pride. Hiring a Limo for this is always a right choice as it takes care of your luxury needs during the travel. Your pick and drop can be easily planned with a quick Limo Rental reservation in NY with us ahead.

Limo for Occasions –

Occasions like wedding, Prom Party, Emergency, Airport transport and evening sightseeing demand vehicle as per the Event type or Group who travels. We offer our vehicles to use in preparing Ladies night out, gulf tour, sporting events, corporate events, wine tours as special events to celebrate. The stretch Limousine and flying coach limousine will let you sit back and feel free to enjoy a hassle free journey.

Quick and Luxury Transport option-

Passengers always search for automotive luxury limo vehicles for their travel. After getting a call from customer, our back end customer relation executive make all plan about the journey keeping every small and big detail in mind and our professional chauffeurs pick and drop passengers at the baggage claim area or customs area in time.

Safe Journey –

We through our latest gadgets in our fleet monitor the driving movement and improve the driving pattern and experience of Chauffeurs . Every Limo on hire goes for a routine checkup of overall conditions starting from air conditioning to sit belt or from fuel to wheel brakes check. Hence hiring or renting a Limo through us is a great choice in NY.

Zero Prep Travel

One donot have to worry about the baggage or distance. Passenger(s) can book in advance or instantly with one call to our customer care executives. Every choice of a passenger is evaluated while a vehicle is booked.

Cross Country Limousine is a renowned name in Limousine Rentals in Bronx, NY. We not only offer customers limo rental but also ensure the customer satisfaction. We stride to let you have a stress free, safe journey .We are ready 24/7 to attend any emergency Limo requirements in New york city. Cross Country Limousine can be contacted for a quick reservation. For any premier Limousine rental do call on 914.330.3010 round the clock.

Top 4 Ways to Make the Best of Westchester County Airport Layover

Anytime you’re stuck in an airport, things seem to be boring and tedious to handle. Especially when traveling for business, the stress is already high and will double up when you’ve a long layover in an unfamiliar airport.

If you are planning to visit Westchester County Airport soon, you might be wondering how to kill a few hours during a layover. Don’t worry as there’s little bit of everything up-close to Westchester County – from shopping to dining. We’ve compiled a list of activities so that you won’t be bored during your layover. Choose one of these places and ask your limo rental New Rochelle NY chauffeur to take you around:

1. Van Cortlandt House Museum –

The Van Cortlandt House Museum – also known as Van Cortlandt House or Frederick Van Cortlandt House is one of the oldest buildings located in the Bronx, New York City. This museum preserves and restores the interiors, incredible collections of age-old décor – offering educational opportunities to school children throughout the city of New York. Making a visit to this museum during your Westchester County Layover can be a great choice.

2. Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse –

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse also known as Tarrytown Light and Kingsland Point is a sparkling lighthouse located on the east side of the Hudson River in Sleepy Hollow, New York, United States. It’s a conical steel structure erected from the 1880s.

3. Hudson River Museum –

Overlooking the Palisades and Hudson River, the Hudson River Museum is dedicated to broaden the cultural horizons of its visitors through the cultural exhibitions and educational programs connecting art, history, and science. With an immediate focus on art from the 19th to the 21st century and modern art, this museum hosts exhibitions throughout the year. Visiting Hudson River Museum with limo rental New Rochelle NY is the best bet you should consider.

4. Glen Island Park –

Glen Island Park is connected to New Rochelle through a drawbridge built in the 1920s. It’s the second most commonly used park in the County Parks system after Playland. One of the unique jewels in Westchester County, Glen Island Park boasts picnic pavilions, open picnic spaces, boat launching, pathways, a catering hall, restaurant and many more.

Get out of Westchester County Airport –

Westchester County Airport is much closer to New Rochelle, New York. So, it might make sense for you to hire a transportation to leave the airport during your layover. Fortunately, Cross County Limousine is operating nearer to help you make your trip out of Westchester County Airport extremely wonderful. Utilize handy limo rental New Rochelle NY of Cross County Limousine to get picked up at Westchester County Airport and spend your layover qualitatively exploring New York City.

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Top 6 Tips To Consider When Hiring Wedding Limos In NY

A wedding involves a lot of tasks and preparations to do. If you’re lucky, you’ll get help from family or a wedding planner. But it’s quite stressful no matter how much help you’ve. A wedding needs you to put trust in businesses you don’t deal with regularly like professional photographers, venues and more importantly limos in New York.

When it comes to choosing a limo company in NY, it’s stressful to find a good provider before you ever step into a luxury car. A reliable limo company can help you get into the ceremony on time and in style, while taking care of some of the details that make your once-in-a-lifetime wedding unforgettable.

Six Important Tips To Consider When Choosing Wedding Transportation

Know Your Transportation Needs

When thinking about wedding transportation, first of all you need to think about the size of the limousine you need. Luckily, you will know well in advance. One important thing you should consider is whether limousine company can help you with other wedding transportation needs. After all, you’ll need a small car to take the bride and groom to their hotel or a bus to transport guests from wedding venue to reception.

Act Like An Early Bird

A wedding season is not as tight as a prom season; but if you’re planning to get married at a peak time, it’s necessary to make your reservations early.  In colder states, peak wedding months start from June and September. Also December holidays are the peak time. In warmer states, couples avoid the sticky summer months.

Plan The Schedule

Usually, limos in NY can offer you transportation to and from the ceremony, including photos, reception etc. After all, you’ll need a limousine to get the bridal party to the event, although you should know the time when the bridal party will make their way back.


Although limos can be hired hourly, limo companies must have wedding packages including a particular time span of service. Generally, packages don’t include how many stops the limo can make or the number of places limo will go. You should check this details before booking limos in New York.

Check Customer Reviews

Now-a-days many people are hiring businesses after reading their customer reviews. Reviews can vary widely in quality, but consistent good or bad reviews can help you know a lot about a limousine company.

Decoration Details

Limo companies in New York have wedding decorations and other additional details included in their packages. But if you want to use your own ideas, just discuss with the company about what you need and ask whether they can accommodate your preferences.


Looking for a wedding ride in New York? Do you need special wedding transfer deals? Consider booking limos in NY with Cross County Limousine; if you really want to enjoy riding a luxury limousine with a professional chauffeur behind the wheel!

To know more in detail, click through our website today or get in touch with us online! And feel free to stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ social networks!