Top 4 Ways to Make the Best of Westchester County Airport Layover

Anytime you’re stuck in an airport, things seem to be boring and tedious to handle. Especially when traveling for business, the stress is already high and will double up when you’ve a long layover in an unfamiliar airport.

If you are planning to visit Westchester County Airport soon, you might be wondering how to kill a few hours during a layover. Don’t worry as there’s little bit of everything up-close to Westchester County – from shopping to dining. We’ve compiled a list of activities so that you won’t be bored during your layover. Choose one of these places and ask your limo rental New Rochelle NY chauffeur to take you around:

1. Van Cortlandt House Museum –

The Van Cortlandt House Museum – also known as Van Cortlandt House or Frederick Van Cortlandt House is one of the oldest buildings located in the Bronx, New York City. This museum preserves and restores the interiors, incredible collections of age-old décor – offering educational opportunities to school children throughout the city of New York. Making a visit to this museum during your Westchester County Layover can be a great choice.

2. Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse –

Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse also known as Tarrytown Light and Kingsland Point is a sparkling lighthouse located on the east side of the Hudson River in Sleepy Hollow, New York, United States. It’s a conical steel structure erected from the 1880s.

3. Hudson River Museum –

Overlooking the Palisades and Hudson River, the Hudson River Museum is dedicated to broaden the cultural horizons of its visitors through the cultural exhibitions and educational programs connecting art, history, and science. With an immediate focus on art from the 19th to the 21st century and modern art, this museum hosts exhibitions throughout the year. Visiting Hudson River Museum with limo rental New Rochelle NY is the best bet you should consider.

4. Glen Island Park –

Glen Island Park is connected to New Rochelle through a drawbridge built in the 1920s. It’s the second most commonly used park in the County Parks system after Playland. One of the unique jewels in Westchester County, Glen Island Park boasts picnic pavilions, open picnic spaces, boat launching, pathways, a catering hall, restaurant and many more.

Get out of Westchester County Airport –

Westchester County Airport is much closer to New Rochelle, New York. So, it might make sense for you to hire a transportation to leave the airport during your layover. Fortunately, Cross County Limousine is operating nearer to help you make your trip out of Westchester County Airport extremely wonderful. Utilize handy limo rental New Rochelle NY of Cross County Limousine to get picked up at Westchester County Airport and spend your layover qualitatively exploring New York City.

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Top 6 Tips To Consider When Hiring Wedding Limos In NY

A wedding involves a lot of tasks and preparations to do. If you’re lucky, you’ll get help from family or a wedding planner. But it’s quite stressful no matter how much help you’ve. A wedding needs you to put trust in businesses you don’t deal with regularly like professional photographers, venues and more importantly limos in New York.

When it comes to choosing a limo company in NY, it’s stressful to find a good provider before you ever step into a luxury car. A reliable limo company can help you get into the ceremony on time and in style, while taking care of some of the details that make your once-in-a-lifetime wedding unforgettable.

Six Important Tips To Consider When Choosing Wedding Transportation

Know Your Transportation Needs

When thinking about wedding transportation, first of all you need to think about the size of the limousine you need. Luckily, you will know well in advance. One important thing you should consider is whether limousine company can help you with other wedding transportation needs. After all, you’ll need a small car to take the bride and groom to their hotel or a bus to transport guests from wedding venue to reception.

Act Like An Early Bird

A wedding season is not as tight as a prom season; but if you’re planning to get married at a peak time, it’s necessary to make your reservations early.  In colder states, peak wedding months start from June and September. Also December holidays are the peak time. In warmer states, couples avoid the sticky summer months.

Plan The Schedule

Usually, limos in NY can offer you transportation to and from the ceremony, including photos, reception etc. After all, you’ll need a limousine to get the bridal party to the event, although you should know the time when the bridal party will make their way back.


Although limos can be hired hourly, limo companies must have wedding packages including a particular time span of service. Generally, packages don’t include how many stops the limo can make or the number of places limo will go. You should check this details before booking limos in New York.

Check Customer Reviews

Now-a-days many people are hiring businesses after reading their customer reviews. Reviews can vary widely in quality, but consistent good or bad reviews can help you know a lot about a limousine company.

Decoration Details

Limo companies in New York have wedding decorations and other additional details included in their packages. But if you want to use your own ideas, just discuss with the company about what you need and ask whether they can accommodate your preferences.


Looking for a wedding ride in New York? Do you need special wedding transfer deals? Consider booking limos in NY with Cross County Limousine; if you really want to enjoy riding a luxury limousine with a professional chauffeur behind the wheel!

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Top 4 Tips to Look for In a New York Limo Service Provider

Do you need a limo rental service in New York to pick up an important client from the airport or get a wedding party fro the venue to the reception, you want to feel confident that the clients or guests will be safe and comfortable with a professional attired chauffeur behind the wheel.

In addition to, your clients or guests must have a wonderful travel experience. As such, a limo chauffeur should be aware of when guests want to start a conversation and when they prefer privacy. By paying attention to all these things, potential disasters can be avoided effortlessly.

The Important Things You Should Watch in a New York Limo Rental Service

1. Certification –
Prior to booking limos in NY with any limousine company, make sure that the company has essential qualification. For instance, the company must be able to show that the chauffeur is licensed properly as required by the state law and has completed necessary safety training as well as has positive word of mouth from previously served clients.

2. Price –
When hiring a New York limo rental service, you shouldn’t always go for low pricing. Though there’s nothing wrong in shopping for a bargained price, but when a limo rental company in New York comes in with a low price figure, you should ask why. This means, you need to be extra careful when booking limos in New York City.

3. Brick and Mortar Location –
Before taking the final call, especially if it was found online, take enough time to visit the company’s physical address in person. Unless you see a specific office building, be aware. A certified and legitimate limo company must have an office where business is operated.

4. Discuss about the Fleet Information –
As a client, you’ve every right to ask for information on the exact luxury vehicle being hire. It includes the year of purchase, mileage, prior accidents, maintenance and the list goes on. If the particular limo rental company is not providing such important details, it implies that the company is hiding something, probably something nasty!

Conclusion –
Are looking for limos in New York for your luxury transportation needs? If yes, then consider hiring New York limo rental of Cross County Limousine. No matter wherever in New York your business or personal travel takes you, Cross County Limousine will provide you with the finest standard chauffeured limousine service in New York and surrounding areas. Once you’ve chosen our New York limo service, you will experience the comfort, safety and efficiency of our perfectly maintained, well-appointed luxury limousines, driven by highly qualified, dedicated, professional chauffeurs in the industry!

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Key Considerations for Hiring New York Limo Service

If you are a leisure traveler or executive passenger looking to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride in style and with luxury in the New York City, limos in NY are already there for you. Be it is your desire to attend a Broadway show, go to the airport, get transferred to the wedding reception or celebrate an important event like Quinceanera or Sweet 16, the stylish chauffeur driven limo service in New York is available round the clock to help you with your travel plan. It comes with professionally trained chauffeurs to make you ride safely and conveniently to anywhere and everywhere in the city such as Westchester County, Bronx, Yonkers, and White Plains etc.

Hiring New York Limo Service

Before you schedule an airport visit or plan to celebrate any special event like prom or birthday party in New York City, booking the limos in NY will be very effective. Even if the subways are blocked and the city roads feel crowded you can choose to travel in luxury limos in NY during daytime or night. The courteous chauffeurs will arrive on time to drive you to your destination with top class New York limo service. From the latest sedans to huge party buses, you will be given every option to select the vehicle that suits your expectation for luxury, comfort and safety.

But you can’t expect to experience reliable limos in NY service on every occasion. With the rapidly growing number of New York limo service providers, you may face difficulty to find the most fitting one. So, it’s your responsibility to thoroughly research every aspect of the limo service companies in New York City and select the right one that assures to serve your transportation needs the best.

Below are discussed some key factors that would help you select the right New York limo rental company.

Image and Approach

It is the top most thing you should consider in a New York limo service provider. A limo rental company with good image in local market will deliver quality services on your request. It may have some customer reviews which you can access online to confirm its dedication for customer’s experience. The limo service provider should maintain a professional approach and give fast response to customers for their city, airport or conference ride. You should never think of renting NY limos from any company without checking its permit and service standard.

The Limo Rental Rates

The limo rental price is another key factor to consider before hiring the New York limo service. Go on comparing the hiring rates of different limo transportation companies and choose the one that provides exclusive offering at the reasonable price. Don’t do the mistake of settling for the lowest rates. Do enquire about all the packages of the company to find out the offer that is competitively prices and suits your travel demands.

Modern Fleet

What type of limos in NY is available from the company? Does it provide advance fleet and the latest range of vehicles? Be sure that the fleet of the limo service provider must be cleanly maintained and furnished with luxury amenities to make your journey enjoyable. It should have everything including comfy leather seating, minibar, led lighting, high sound music player, safety cameras and more. Also, see if the limousine has adequate space to accommodate all of your guests or family members comfortably.

Customer Care

Customer care should be the main priority of New York limo services providers. Their efforts should be directed to make customers feel happy and contented. The limo companies in NY must be ready for every possible measure to serve your transportation needs fast. For them, your satisfaction should be ultimate desire.

Make sure to take into account all these factors before hiring luxury limos in NY. They will certainly make your travel smooth, safe, luxurious and stylish.

We, at Cross County Limousine, Inc are a trusted and efficient New York limo services provider serving personal and professional transfer needs of customers in Yonkers, Westchester, White Plains and Bronx. Our luxury limos in NY meet the highest safety standards for ensuring comfortable and convenient transportation to customers all across the New York City. Contact Cross County Limousine for New York Limo service that is way beyond luxurious, punctual and affordable!

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