Tips For Deciding The Right New York City Limo Rental For Your Special Occasion

Deciding on the right limousine rental service can be a challenge, primarily if you’ve never used one before! There are so many alternatives and companies offering limo rental for you to choose from. Do you feel it is difficult for you to make a perfect decision for selecting a New York City limo rental? The tricky thing is to do some research. Here are a few tips for choosing the right New York City limo rental to fit best for your needs. 

Crisscross some referrals 

One of the most intelligent ways to find the best limo rental is through word-of-mouth recommendations. Ask co-workers, family members, friends, or neighbors that use the New York City limo rental in the past. Find out what is liked about the service and how they get benefitted. A referral is one of the excellent ways to select the appropriate New York City limo rental. 

Check the references and reviews 

Before you select a precise limousine service, you should refer a few references from friends, relatives, neighbors, or family members. Analyzing a few texts will help you find some of the best options. Having a brief on the online reviews to see what customer’s views, there likes and dislikes can be helpful as well for your purpose. It seems like the best way to learn more about the organization. 

Years of experience

Years of experience are essential, especially when it comes to lavished limo rental in New York City for passenger ground transfer. Several issues can make an impact on a successful ride. We have several years of experience in lavished ground transfer in New York City. With our vast experience, we assure you have a successful trip that you ever get from anyone. Also, our chauffeurs have extensive experience in providing a comfortable journey for you.

Check the fleet 

We have a wide variety of fleets, including Mercedes sprinters, party buses, shuttle buses, stretch limos, and stretch SUVs for our clients. Our New York City limo rental service fulfills individual needs concerning the vehicles. We can accommodate you as a solo and also accommodate your entire group that was consisting of eight to thirty-five people together. The average size in most of our fleets is five. 

Personal review options  

If you’re attending a prom or wedding, it’s best to see your options in person. Get an idea of the type of vehicle you’re renting for yourself and your party. Some limousine companies may offer pictures of their cars online, but we ensure that the vehicle you want is the type of vehicle you’ll get. 

Check for Safety 

We are certified and licensed to operate our vehicles and transporting passengers. Our New York City limo rental also own liability insurance! All our chauffeurs trained! All our vehicles are inspected and well-maintained. We will make you satisfied with any safety-related questions in your mind right away. 

Find out the costs 

Price is essential when it comes to choosing the right New York City limo rental. Some limo companies include fees that are added to the base rate. You may also incur administration costs, fuel surcharges, gratuity fees, and toll fees for the driver. Your bill is 30% higher than you anticipated it to be. We charge a single rate given in the quotation and never charge any extra charges to make you worried while on the journey.

Use our Cross County Limousine when you need reliable and dependable transportation. Our New York City limo rental has provided many happy travelers for several years. We want to be your prime choice for safe and luxury transportation services. Book your services a few weeks before your special event! So we will make you stress-free on the day of your special occasion.

Executive transportation services – The ideal way to highlight your organization

A business executive has many significant responsibilities. They must run some portion of an association or organization, giving a valiant effort to advance organizational development and achievement. To get this position, long periods of difficult work and commitment are required, alongside a drive for accomplishment. In addition to the fact that businesses reflect crafted by its officials, yet administrators likewise mirror the organization and its picture. It is critical to keep up a professional picture and represent your organization fittingly when directing business with different organizations and with customers.

It is ideal to have limo services for business executives from travel organizations who understand executive transportation services and its importance.

What are Executive Travel and Business Travel? 

With respect to business travel, the vehicle you travel in not just flags your colleagues about the idea of demonstrable skill in your business, yet in addition the individual tastes and culture of your business. Each vehicle has its own look, and there are wide ranges of kinds of professional limos utilized for official transportation. The most well-known type of executive transportation is a chauffeured luxury vehicle. Vehicles incorporate sedans, sprinter vans, charter buses, coach buses, vintage cars, classic cars, limousines, and shuttle buses. Every one of these vehicles has contrasting styles that you can utilize to show the individuality of your organization.

What Image Does My Chauffeur Transportation Reflect About My Company? 

Anticipating your organization’s picture is critical. About the customary business official, polished skill is critical. You have to keep up your hope to help advance your organization’s way of life at the workplace, and outside the workplace. It is not that if you project your organization well in your workplace your responsibility is over. Nevertheless, the polished methodology does not stop there. You have to take your business outside the workplace and represent yourself and your organization in numerous examples. While working together away from your home of activities, you have to show others why your business is the one to work with. My chauffeur transportation is that which helps you to reflect not only your professionalism but that of your company too.

Chauffeur Executive Transportation and Chauffeured Transportation 

We should begin by first talking about what a chauffeur is. Despite the fact that the term alludes to a driver of an exclusive vehicle, a chauffeur is an exceptionally gifted, experienced administrator of a luxury vehicle. They are the most elite drivers in the transportation business and usually offer executive ground transportation. Understanding why organizations incline toward chauffeurs over typical drivers is very simple. For one, reliability is a trait of a chauffeur. At the point when business administrators travel, they require timely services as indicated by the plan. One setback could prompt getting to a meeting late, which could lead your business turns out to have an image of unprofessionalism. The unwavering quality of chauffeurs eradicates this. Reliability and professionalism demarcate chauffeur services from others. You can expect to have a properly dressed chauffeur waiting for you before the expected time when you have chauffeur services. When the vehicle picks you up, expect unrivaled chauffeur administration from one who is skilled having proper knowledge of the streets to ensure you are on schedule. Chauffeurs are officials like you and respect you in such a manner.

Distinctive Executive Chauffeur Services 

Generally, executive chauffeur organizations offer a wide selection of vehicles for hire to fit the various needs of business administrators. An experienced chauffeur drives every vehicle. Polished skill and ease are the concentration for this kind of administration, so hope to be dealt with well. You can expect chauffeurs wearing suits driving your car while reflecting their professionalism and giving you a chance to reflect the same for your organization. You can have comfort and privacy irrespective of travelling alone, with individual colleagues, or customers.

The Perfect Executive Vehicle Suited For You 

Finding the proper vehicle for your executive travel transportation will depend upon a couple of things. It depends on what you expect from your vehicle. Is it your desire to show conventionally polished professionalism or stand out? What number of individuals will go with you? These are some interesting points when probing for the right chauffeured vehicle for you. There are various nature of vehicles and vehicle types accessible offer various advantages and reflect different pictures.

What The Chosen Vehicle Says About You 

The vehicle you travel in during business trips is an immediate portrayal of your business and qualities. Making a trip in a taxi to the front of your customer’s office does not extend a similar picture as to when driven by a professionally dressed chauffeur in a 1950s exemplary Bentley car. The vehicle you alight from influences the manner in which your customer organization will see your organization as well as you as its delegate so it is imperative to settle on the correct vehicle decision.

Finding the correct vehicle to go in is not simple. You have to have a thought of the way of life of the organization or customers you are working with to locate the ideal match. The takeaway here is you should think about the circumstance in which you are going to lead a business to locate the best methods for transportation!

Natures of the vehicle for diverse executive transportation needs 

For littler gatherings or for solo official travel, a luxury sedan is perfect, while for midsized executive transportation you need to have shuttle buses or limousines. On the other hand, a large coach bus is ideal if you have a larger group.

One thing in common is irrespective of the nature of the vehicle you choose you will have comfort, elegance and reflection of professionalism when you travel and alight from them.

When To Book My Executive Chauffeur? 

The response to this inquiry is sooner the better. Executive chauffeur administrations depend on accessibility. This implies the various vehicles offered are special, and once leased by another person, become inaccessible to others needing transportation. Thus, it is encouraged to book as right on time as possible. A timely reservation guarantees you can secure your ideal luxury vehicle and abstain from compellation to choose from a thin fleet of accessible vehicles. Restricting yourself up until the last moment can leave you to pick between vehicles that probably won’t be the perfect fit to pass on your organization’s reputation, which can prompt an unprofessional outlook or misrepresent your organization in that specific case.

Prices Of Executive Transportation

Chauffeuring is assistance, which implies that costs will mirror the degree of the administration offered. There is no set value along these lines, so we should discuss what impacts the value you will pay for executive transportation. The car you select has the maximum influence on valuing. The uniqueness crosswise over vehicles will decide the value contingent upon how big the vehicle is, and what number of features are prepared. The next factor having the greatest impact on cost is to what extent you need the vehicle for. The more you need the service of the chauffeur, the higher the cost will be. The last factors that influence the cost of executive transportation are the places you will travel and the availability of vehicle. Concerning accessibility, the cost will be set depending on what is left. Regularly, when there is more availability of vehicles, the costs are normal. When the vehicle you wish to hire is just a few left, many organizations raise the costs. To keep a safe distance from such price escalation, it is best to hire as ahead of schedule as would be prudent.

How To Have The Best Executive Chauffeur Service

Everybody desires to have the best possible. It is in our human instinct. We progress toward the best and would favor not to settle for anything less. Here at Cross County Limousine, we offer a standout amongst other chauffeur services for business travel and business officials the same, at a reasonable cost. Our long association in the transportation business has made us aware of the desires that you have when you opt to have an executive chauffeur service. Our assurance of timely service is only one component of our organization that we offer to isolate us from our rivals and improve your involvement in us. You can easily have a look at different reviews that our elite clients have given us. If we pick a few words, which our elite clients used to describe and refer us, they are “Amazing service, on-time professional service, spectacular deal, extremely professional driver and reliability.” On the off chance that you are searching for a wide choice of vehicles, you are at the perfect spot. Our organization offers a huge choice of luxurious vehicles. Getting an executive chauffeur service has never been less expensive than it has been with us. Be in touch with us and we will help you to have the perfect business transportation through our limo rental helping you to reflect your business organization in the best possible professional manner.

Limousine is a way to indulge you in opulence and style!

The days are gone when only affluent or VIPs could afford luxury car services.  But now these days, anyone can travel in style irrespective of the occasion and also without spending a fortune. Simply, seek a limo rental service from a reputable company in Harrison, NY, and you are good to go. Airport transfer, farewell, reunion, friend’s night out on the town,  anniversaries, bachelor party, engagement, or wedding, are the service you will always get from limo rental Harrison NY.

Airport transfer, farewell, reunion, friend’s night out on the town, anniversaries, bachelor party, engagement, or wedding, are the most popular events for which people have started showing interest in luxury cars. Surprisingly, that luxury car is none other than Limousine. The increasing demand for the limo for such memorable events shows that people want nothing but the best for their special occasions. Why wouldn’t they? It is probably some important day of their life, or they want to celebrate the achievements of their milestone.   Limo rental in Harrison, NY, provides every amenities, luxury, convenience, elegance, and class for making everything your journey an ultimate travel experience.

Limousines are available not in just black and white but pink, red, blue, purple, and what not to meet the themes of your big day or any particular moment. Further, these days, various brands have stretched their cars to the size of the limo- Hummer, Lincoln, Chryslers, Cadillacs, Hyundai, and Toyota. Our limo rental in Harrison, NY, can accommodate not just four but up to 25 people comfortably and let you move together. It does sound affordable now!

When this special occasion arises, our limo rental in Harrison, NY, is here for you. It’s your farewell, reunion, friend’s night out on the town, anniversaries, bachelor party, engagement, or wedding. Hence we never take this matter softly. We have the experience and skills to ensure that your special day becomes one of the most memorable days of your life.  Your group will remember it forever as well. Our professional consultant will work with you and pay attention to minute details. Every point will be taken care of and executed perfectly to make your journey stress free and comfortable.

Moreover, our limo rental in Harrison, NY, is a combo of a luxury car and chauffeur service. All our drivers are professionals and experts, who will take you to the destination on time and in style. We are well equipped to arrange transportation for your events, ensuring your day is seamless and unforgettable!

There is no such other transportation mode that is more luxurious and sophisticated than our limousine rental services. We are also one of the old companies, established the brand name in the country, and serving for years with our ‘best in class’ limo rental in Harrison, NY.

Best things you achieve from a chauffeured limo rental

A limousine can make or break your travel experience on a special occasion or night out or for celebrating one of life’s most significant milestones. Whether it’s your bachelor party, prom, or one of the big birthdays or anniversaries or any special occasion riding in style will take your party to the next level! Our limo rental in Scarsdale, NY, assures you and your guests to be like a VIP for a day! Every special occasion calls for a chauffeured limo rental, and you should never pass up an opportunity to use our limo rental service in Scarsdale, NY. Here’s why:

Chauffeured limo to release the stress

You have to think about a lot in your normal course of driving. But at the same time, you have to worry about the directions, traffic, and careless drivers around you. Stopping for gas, paying tolls, and parking are the further issues that you might face on the way. When you take advantage of our chauffeured limo rental Scarsdale NY, you should not worry about any of those things. What you have to do is just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip. If you’re heading somewhere in Scarsdale, NY, with a low-stress level, then our chauffeur limo rental service could be the best alternative you can rely on.

 Relax and enjoy the view

It is difficult for you to see the world around you while driving? You can’t do much while driving. It is because you are focused on your driving! You’re looking straight at the road ahead of you and the vehicles around you. With a hands-free phone, you can make some calls, but it can be tough to concentrate, and you can’t do much else. However, a beautiful world is out there for you to see while moving. When you hire our limo rental in Scarsdale, NY, you will be driven by our expert chauffeurs behind the wheel. So you are free to look out at the city and also enjoy the wonders around you.

Show up in style

There are many occasions where you just want to impress people around at the moment you step out of the car. For most people, a reliable family vehicle is not enough to do it. When you show up in our chauffeured limo rental in Scarsdale, NY, you’re making a grand entrance, which is enough to impress anybody. When you drive to your desired location in our lavished vehicle, you can do anything, including making calls, catch up on work, play games, or relax and take a little nap in luxury. If you’re looking for a lavished vehicle that helps you ride are in style, start thinking about our limo rental in Scarsdale, NY!

You get the treatment you deserve

Our chauffeurs are well trained and experienced in providing excellent personal service. Rest assured that you will have someone that provides a friendly service. We greet you and your guests, open and closes the door, and assists with loading and unloading any belongings as well. We consider your journey is just as important as the destination. If you never take advantage of chauffeured limo service, then it is the time to do it is now! We offer you the world-class amenities for you and your guests to enjoy. Also enjoy the immaculately detailed splendor of our top-of-the-line, late-model party limo rental in Scarsdale, NY.

We offer quality transportation with a secure online reservation process and instant reservation confirmation. Tell us when to show up and where to go, and you’re covered. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride in one of our latest model vehicles.

Why to choose the best ground transfer when it comes to booking sweet 16 Limos

Planning and managing the sweet 16 parties in Westchester can be exciting.  Our sweet 16 Limo service in Westchester will help you find a great travel experience. It is big enough, fun enough, and safe enough to make your party cherished forever. We are the leading luxury ground transportation company and sweet 16 Limo service providers in Westchester, carries the responsibility of delivering only the best service. This series will help you ensure getting the best of your next sweet 16 Limos in Westchester. We can assist in making your teens more than happy and make your special day even more spectacular.

Your daughter’s Sweet 16 party doesn’t need to be at your home.  A destination party can be a grand way to celebrate your Sweet 16 party. You can choose to have it at a local hotel, resort. Clubs, gardens, or other large facility and allow your daughter inviting a lot of friends without worrying about tearing up the house. You can even arrange sweet 16 and let your daughter and her friends arrive at the event venues in style. The sweet 16 Limos we provide will let your loving daughter feel pampered and allowing her to make a grand entrance.

There are several alternatives out there to choose from. Every event venue or party hall seems to claim they offer the best of the best. Deciding on one to host this once-in-a-lifetime event can be a challenge. Fortunately, our sweet 16 Limos in Westchester let you know some great options for a Sweet 16 party. Are you searching to celebrate your occasion in a great place, with great food, excellent service? Consider having our Sweet 16 party limo service in Westchester. Renting a limousine will ultimately save you the hassle of driving around town or recruiting other parents to help with the carpooling. We can recommend something best for everyone’s tastes.

Do you have your daughter who is turning 16 this year? Sweet 16 parties are an excellent way to welcome your young teen into the next step of their lives. With one of our gorgeous sweet 16 Limos in Westchester, we can shuttle you around with up to 50+ of your best friends! We comprehend the situation that safety is a significant concern in each step of our limo transportation. We have the drivers to pick up all your teens’ friends and drop them off at an arcade, theme park, ski slope, or the mall. Our chauffeurs have years of driving experience and are always up-to-date with the latest licensing requirements

Every girl dreams of the day when she turns 16! Do you have your daughter that turning 16?  It is imperative for you planning a party that she and her friends will never forget! Are you looking to take your party to the next level? Our sweet 16 Limos in Westchester are ideal ways making her Sweet 16 feel special, loved, and memorable. We make your daughter’s Sweet 16 party should be magical and unforgettable! We will help you throw a unique trip that she will like to celebrate.

Are you looking to book the best sweet 16 Limos in Westchester area?  Whether the journey is a ride to the city hot spots or an all-day Wine Tour or a destination party, contact us today at 914-330-3010 and let the best concierges in the industry will arrange all about your transportation!

Arrive at your junior prom in style with a lavished prom limo in Westchester!

Is it the time of year when you start planning for your prom party? Along with many things to decide, the prime things you should ask yourself are the ground transportation to move from place A to B or how to arrive at the prom party venue? Well, here at Cross County Limousine we love to make you stand out from the crowd and present a grand entrance for you! We also offer you numerous limousines, exotic stretch limos, and prom limo party buses in Westchester. It will undoubtedly help you stand out from the crowd!

Every extraordinary event calls for a unique ride. The reason is why the teens that are maturing and entering adulthood need something unique to celebrate their prom party. School students want to celebrate the ‘last joyful day’ in form of prom party before they are moving up to graduating high school or college. Looking for the best limo rental in Westchester? We offer you the best limo services for proms ensuring you a memorable experience for your kids.

The prom parties are the special events always calls for elegance. The girls wear formal gowns while the guys put on their suits or elegant tuxedos. By choosing our trusted prom limo in Westchester for transportation to prom, you are sure to keep your outfit, hair, and makeup intact. You won’t end up wrinkling your clothes as it could happen by cramming themselves in a tiny car.

Our limo rental in Westchester ensures to have enough room for friends to go to prom together.  We have vehicles to accommodate your entire group together. We also own luxurious limousines for those students that love the idea of going with couples, ensuring the journey to the party venues is as much fun as prom party itself.  You can turn up the music, sing-along, and take photos without distracting anybody and the designated chauffeurs who are driving.

Hiring our trusted limo rental in Westchester means you are assured of experienced, extensively trained, and vetted drivers are behind the wheel. Prom party dedicated to fun and excitement and you don’t need to worry about navigating the streets of Westchester! As a responsible parent, you also have peace of mind that a prom limo rental service will take your kids to enjoy and back home on time safely. With our prom limo rental in Westchester, you kids will enjoy the spacious and lavished environment with the perfect temperature. Reserve our stretch limo or a limo bus that fits the requirements of your teen’s party.

The prom limo’s we offer in Westchester creates a gorgeous backdrop for their pre- and post-prom photo session. From the luxurious limo setting, and interior and the sophisticated prom venue, are excellent subject or theme that you can capture and remember all the glitz and glam of the special event. We offer stretch limos and limo buses for proms in Westchester and nearby locations for a fancy and safe prom limo journey. It will also be ensuring your teen’s prom event is worth sharing in social media.

Are you ready to book a prom limo or stretch limo or limo bus or party bus? Contact us at 914-462-7529 or 914-330-3010 to get a free quote today!

What to expect and what’s the best type of limo for your wedding?

Wedding is a big day in your life hence needs time for planning wedding transportation. Probably you must like to involve a limousine of some kind! So how to pick the perfect wedding limo that’s right for you! Here are a few tips and ideas that will assist you in making the first and better decisions together. Before you pick up the phone to hire a wedding limousine service provider, consider a few questions:

Question #1: First of all, you should decide the size of your wedding party? Perhaps it will determine the number or the size of the vehicles you like to hire! The first things that every wedding limousine service provider in Westchester want to know how many people will be riding in their cars! It’s a better idea to see the size of your bridal party beforehand. Check to ensure that the headcount includes the bridal couple, all attendants, parents of the bride and groom and any other VIP guests that might be riding along. All these things must count before deciding a wedding limo service for your marriage in Westchester.

Question #2: What is your budget to hire a wedding limo Westchester? The theme and ideas for wedding vary from person to person. Some couples like to splash out the occasion with a huge dance floor! While others are interested in a place that offers spectacular backdrops for dream wedding photos! Perhaps you and your fiancé may wish to indulge on a vintage wedding limo. Figure out the wedding budget that you are allocating for wedding transportation seems like a better idea to decide on a wedding limo in Westchester.  However, a reputable limo company will offer you excellent options that not only fit your budget but make your wedding and reception in a stylish approach.

Question #3: Do you wish to have a ride with your attendants, or you like to go on a separate limousine? Some wedding couples want to have more fun with their groomsmen and bridesmaids! While some want the privacy of their ride! Depending on the guest capacity, you can decide the type of vehicle. You may need one or more cars to accommodate all your friends and relatives. Remember, you should arrange the wedding limo in Westchester that makes your wedding journey flourished.

Now the real enjoyment and fun begin! Let’s have a look at a few popular wedding limo options and how they might appeal to you:

Stretched limousine-  Do you have a big size wedding celebration with lots of attendants?  Then a big size stretch limousine could be the appropriate choice. These vehicles have plenty of space to accommodate you and your group together.

Party bus/custom motor coach- Are you planning for a destination wedding? It will need to transfer all your guests together. All of them need to move back and forth between their hotel and the wedding and reception venue. In such a case, the wedding limousine party buses play a crucial role in transporting the entire group together! It also saves guests from having to drive in an unfamiliar area and to eliminate the hassle of choosing designated drivers.

Town car- Did your guests will arrive from other states? Try a town car limo for transporting them to the wedding venue or hotels! It’s also an elegant solution that is perfect for smaller groups as well.

A vintage or antique car- Are you and your fiancé/e dream to have a royal feeling on your special day? Do you have a passion for old vehicles?  Then wedding limo in Westchester can arrange antique or vintage limousine for your celebration. A classic car like Rolls-Royce or Bentley can set a great tone for your entire day. If your wedding gown is an old piece, then an older car is an attractive option before you!

So whichever wedding limo you decide on?  Be sure to make appointments with our wedding limo in Westchester today! You can also see all vehicles personally. Inspect them, sit inside them, and check out the amenities we provide! You can contact your friends and family members or our past clients and ask for their recommendations. It is a big decision that can add a lot of fun, flair, or sophistication to your wedding day.

Ways to have a perfect family vacation in Harrison NY

Harrison, New York is certainly one of the best places to live in the whole state. Indeed, it was casted a ballot as the sixth best in 2014. It might be moderately little with a populace of just 28,000. However, what it needs in size it compensates for in uniqueness. Not exclusively is a short 22-mile drive from New York City, yet it additionally contains a standout amongst the most historic golf course in the state, cutting edge water park, and a landmark to pay tribute to one of the best ladies to ever live.

There are many places to visit and enjoy while you are in Harrison NY. It is for sure that you will have a perfect family vacation. For traveling between these places while having comfort and safety at the same time, it is ideal to have limo rental in Harrison NY from reputed travel organizations. Let us have a look at some places you can visit.

The Apawamis Club

Established in 1880, this Golf and Country Club has been the home for some novice and expert golf competitions. Such occasions incorporate the 1911 U.S. Amateur Championship, 1909 Yale versus Princeton, 1912 Metropolitan Open, 1928 NCAA Princeton versus Georgetown, 1970 U.S. Girls Junior, 1978 Curtis Cup, and 2005 Senior U.S. Women’s Amateur. The golf course estimates a sum of 6,741 yards), which makes it incredible practice for the more prepared golfers. In any case, that does not imply that non-experts cannot have a decent time on the course. Individuals new to the game can likewise rehearse on the driving reach or best in class Golf Performance Center. Likewise, golf, The Apawamis Club additionally has tennis and squash competitions that are likewise accessible to all individuals. Regardless of whether you are a proficient golfer, regularly discover your ball in the sandbar or water, or simply appreciate being at a standout amongst the most chronicled places in the whole state, you will be happy you visited The Apawamis Club.

Ron Belmont Pool Complex

Are you searching for some enjoyment in the sun on a sweltering summer day? The Ron Belmont Pool Complex has different pools for individuals of different ages so you can give the children a chance to free to appreciate one pool while you unwind in another. Water slides and water gushes are additionally there to convey some additional energy to the experience. Furthermore, when the pools are never again enough, at that point head over to the play area and play on the jungle gym, shoot a few circles on the b-ball court, or have a family excursion. At that point, after getting all hot and sweat-soaked, bounce back in the pool to chill. You will be glad to get the children out of the house and far from innovation, all while getting some extraordinary exercise, and they will thank you for a fun day in the sun with their companions. There is nothing very like getting a charge out of a cool pool on a radiant day.

Greenwood Union Cemetery

A standout amongst the historical burial grounds in New York, Greenwood Union Cemetery set up in 1837 has 14.25 acres of land. This very well kept burial ground is pleasant, with moving slopes, streams and numerous trees. There are numerous significant graves in American history incorporated into this burial ground, for example, Major League Baseball official and pitcher, George Smith, and Eddie Eagan, one of just two individuals to win gold awards in both the summer and winter Olympic Games. Likewise, a bit of the burial ground contains graves of African Americans that battled in the American Civil War. The Greenwood Union Cemetery is an extraordinary spot to visit for games aficionados, Civil War buffs, and anyone who appreciates a calm and tranquil spot to invest their free energy.

Hadden-Margolis House

The Hadden-Margolis House constructed in 1750 is presently a notable home in Harrison. Alteration happened once in the nineteenth century in the Halianate style and again in the twentieth century in Colonial Revival style. It is focus lobby type lodging canvassed in stucco over a wood-surrounded structure. Its establishment made totally of stone with a pitched peak rooftop. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. Some may take a gander at the Hadden-Margolis House and see only some other house, however, to someone that adores authentic engineering, this is something other than that. For any woodworking to endure this long is a virtual abnormality.

Station Park

Station Park is an exceptionally little park in Harrison, New York. However, it contains an excellent remembrance for a standout amongst the most persuasive women ever. That is Amelia Earhart. Earhart was the primary female airship pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean and, for the achievement, got the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross. She later wanted to fly over the world, yet her plane vanished close to Howland Island. The vanishing remains a puzzle right up until the present time. In 1932, a dedication for Amelia Earhart was set in Station Park. The commemoration is a bronze plaque with a propeller appended to it. Earhart lived in Harrison for a period while married to publisher George Putnam. The road that the couple lived on is named Amelia Earhart Lane.

If you desire your kids to enjoy most when you are in Harrison NY, then there are certain places you can go with them. Let us have a look at some of those.

Rye Playland

Playland, frequently called Rye Playland and furthermore known as Playland Amusement Park, is an event congregation situated in Rye, New York. Playland is Metro New York’s incredible family carnival! From the acclaimed Dragon Coaster to rides like the SuperFlight Coaster, Music Express and Double Shot – Rye Playland offers the best in family fun. There are more than 50 noteworthy and Kiddyland rides and attractions; a shoreline, pool, and dock on Long Island Sound; lake boating, firecrackers, heaps of incredible sustenance, and considerably more.

Rye Nature Center

Rye Nature Center’s central goal is to ensure our natural assets and advance ecological stewardship and training through help of the Rye Nature Center and preservation extends inside its Urban Forest and Wildlife Sanctuary and the network. It offers family workshops, visits, camps and host’s birthday parties.

Jumpin’ Jeepers

Jumpin’ Jeepers is a learning play area for youngsters between ages 1-9 in Mahopac. Jumpin’ Jeepers focuses on physical, social, and intellectual improvement in youngsters. They are devoted to safe fun: Natural and organic refreshments are accessible in their without nut facility and their space for play is cleaned for the day with non-dangerous cleaning items. You can see your child play due to the open layout.

Muscoot Farm

Muscoot Farm was initially a “Gentleman’s Farm” established by Ferdinand T. Hopkins in 1880 and worked as a dairy ranch until Westchester County gained the property in the late 1960s. Today, Muscoot Farm is a Westchester County Park that endeavours to save and translate its agrarian past. Guests may walk around the first horse shelters, visit the animal, take an interest in instructive projects or climb the numerous miles of trails. There is something for everybody on Muscoot’s 777 acres of land!

Leapin’ Lizards

Leapin’ Lizards is an indoor play area and diversion place for offspring of any age situated in Port Chester, NY, simply off I95 and I287. Kids can climb, ricochet, slither, hop, and slide through the play arena that incorporates tunnels, labyrinths, ball pits and a foam woods! It is a spotless, well-managed space for children to play and investigate, RAIN or SHINE. There is free stopping.

Hudson Highlands Nature Museum

Set up in 1959, the Museum has developed into the main supplier of nature training encounters in the Hudson Valley. Its central goal is to create capable overseers of the regular world through its extraordinary spotlight on natural training. It utilizes its living accumulations of local creatures, normal, natural surroundings and trails to show a wide assortment of projects for individuals of any age at its two areas.

Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center

Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center is a working harvest ranch and ecological training office situated in Yorktown Heights, NY. Some time ago a dairy ranch, and with roots going back to the 1600s, today Hilltop Hanover goes about as a local training centre point offering programs on sound and feasible sustenance generation, aptitudes for little scale rural and urban ranchers, and reasonable living practices for nearby networks.

Bear Mountain State Park

Bear Mountain State Park arranged in tough mountains ascending from the west bank of the Hudson River is a place that your kids will love. The recreation centre highlights a huge play field, shaded excursion forests, lake and waterway angling access, a pool, Trailside Museums and Zoo, climbing, biking and cross-country ski trails.

Greenburgh Nature Center

Greenburgh Nature Center is a 33-acre of nature save with trails, a lake and greenery enclosures. More than 70,000 guests go to the GNC every year. The property is a huge, untamed life territory asylum, both for indigenous species and for the several types of transitory birds that utilize it as a laying place on their spring and fall voyages. The property incorporates 30 acres of forest, two critical wetland destinations, and an old plantation progression site, utilized as a settling territory for Eastern box turtles.

If you wish to enjoy these places with your family, then the first thing to do is to book limo rental in Harrison NY from us at Cross County Limousine. The second most important thing to do is book your preferred hotel for your intended period of stay in Harrison NY. Let us have a look at where you can stay with comfort.

Hampton Inn & Suites

Located at 100 Passaic Avenue, Harrison the hotel is 6 miles far from Newark Liberty International Airport and offer free air terminal transport administration, this inn is close to region attractions, including New York City and offers contemporary guestrooms.

With a free daily hot breakfast, an on-location wellness focus and signature Cloud Nine beds, each stay at the Newark-Harrison-Riverwalk Hampton Inn and Suites is certain to be lovely. Visitors can likewise appreciate cocktails from the hotel’s bar or a reviving swim in the indoor pool.

Prominent focal points, including the Prudential Center, 1.4 miles away and Red Bull Arena, home to proficient hockey’s Devils, 1.7 miles from the Hampton Inn and Suites Newark-Harrison-Riverwalk. The lodging is additionally 1 mile far from the PATH train, prompting the focal point of New York City.

Luxury condo in Harrison

Luxury condominium in Harrison close NYC and EWR air terminal in Harrison has housing with free WiFi, a 13-minute stroll from Bears And Eagles Riverfront Stadium. The address is 221 Bergen Street, Harrison.

The family stay has a flat screen TV. The family stay likewise incorporates a seating region and a restroom. Newark Liberty International Airport is 9.7 km away.

Element Harrison

Offering a centre for fitness, Element by Westin Harrison-Newark is in Harrison at 399 Somerset Street. Free WiFi is accessible. Red Bull Arena is only 651 m away and New York City is 11 mi away.

Each room here will furnish you with a TV, air conditioning and a seating zone. Other room luxuries incorporate a full kitchen with a microwave, dishwasher and a fridge. At Element by Westin Harrison-Newark, you will discover free bicycles. Different facilities offered at the property incorporate meeting room, a common lounge, a bar, a café and baggage storage. Newark Liberty International Airport is 3.7 miles away.

This property likewise has one of the first class areas in Harrison! Visitors are more joyful about it contrasted with different properties in the zone.

This property offers the best value in Harrison! Visitors are getting more for their cash when contrasted with different properties in this city.

Best Western Plus Robert Treat

This notable lodging is in the core of Central Newark. All visitor rooms include a tea/espresso producer, fridge, and flat screen digital TV.

Initially inherent the 1900’s, the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel gives visitors a business centre and free WiFi.

The Robert Treat Best Western is likewise in nearness to the Prudential Center show and diversion settings just as an assortment of strip malls and eateries. Newark Penn Station is close by and Manhattan is 15 minutes’ train ride from the lodging.

Hotel Indigo Newark Downtown

Offering a fitness centre, Hotel Indigo Newark Downtown is at 810 Broad Street, Newark.

Each room here will furnish you with a TV and air conditioning. Private restroom additionally accompanies a bath or shower. Additional items incorporate bed linen. At Hotel Indigo Newark Downtown, you will discover a 24-hour front desk.

The hotel is 300 meters from Prudential Center, 701 meters from New Jersey Performing Arts Center and 701 meters from Newark Station. Newark Liberty International Airport is 3.1 miles away.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott

Found 4.3 miles from Newark International Airport and 11 miles from New York City attractions, this all-suite lodging highlights all modern amenities that you can expect.

The Springhill Suites Newark International Airport offers facilities outfitted with mini fridges, microwaves and flat screen TV’s. You can expect to have a complimentary breakfast daily at SpringHill Suites by Marriott Newark International Airport. Visitors can likewise appreciate the hotels on location gym, total with an indoor pool. The Jersey Garden Outlet Mall and numerous corporate workplaces are situated inside 6.8 miles of the property.

So, do come to Harrison NY, enjoy these places while staying at one of these hotels, and have the best of travel in our comfortable limos.

The restaurants at Harrison NY to have the tastiest dinner

When you are in Harrison for a business meet or in case you stay here, it is wise to know about the restaurants that you can head to for having a tasty and mouth-watering dinner. Here we have collected some of the many restaurants that you can go to. For your traveling needs, you can depend on many travel agencies offering best of limo rental in Harrison NY.

Copper House

Copper House, an Italian-propelled American Eatery and Marketplace, presents privately sourced homestead to-table solace food and artfully created cocktails in a rural and genial, yet advanced, setting.

The menu changes habitually, in light of what is freshest from the homestead and rouses them. All that they serve is made with affection from them to you.

It is located at 11 Taylor Square West Harrison, NY 10604 and you can easily reach there riding the limo that you have hired.

Lago Ristorante & Wine Bar

Lago Ristorante and Wine Bar is a provincial Italian restaurant serving legitimate Southern motivated dishes in a comfortable domain. They give improved fixings that will provide all of their clients a sample of Napoli alongside matching your plate with the perfect wine from all over Italy.

Thinking of going there, yes, it is at 97 Lake Street West Harrison, NY 10604.

Aquario Restaurant

For your next feast set out to try something else while you eat at Aquario Restaurant. This is a shrouded diamond of a restaurant in the Tri-State Area and they present a brilliant blend of prevalent Brazilian and Portuguese dishes. You would think you have rested and woke up in Lisbon or Rio, once you set your taste buds on the rib eye steak charbroiled to flawlessness at Aquario Restaurant.

No Latin supper is finished without a pleasant glass of wine, and Aquario Restaurant has bounty to look over. Request your server to help you pair only the correct assortment with your food.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

They make the Coal-Fired Difference. Like nothing, you have at any point tasted, their coal-fired specialties come straight out of their 800-degree broiler; cooked to flawlessness and overflowing with flavor. A delicious mix of in every case crisp, the valid recipe makes Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza choice of many. Visit today and experience the tasty coal-fired difference. They are located at 264 Main St White Plains, NY 10601.


Take dining to the next dimension at Mariposa, their stylish bar and restaurant at Neiman Marcus Westchester. Retreat to a top-notch food environment with an inventive menu determination. Taste one of their impeccable occasional entrée determinations or experience the well-known Mandarin Orange Soufflé. Anticipate one of a kind, heavenly dishes with remarkable service that keeps on being a custom at Neiman Marcus. To have such a treat, you need to go to 2 East Maple Avenue White Plains, NY 10601.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays have been experiencing the end of the week since its doors opened in 1965. Today, there are more than 900 eateries in 60 nations offering tasty nourishment and amazing beverages; all served in the soul of Friday. They are glad to unite individuals for informal breakfast, lunch, supper, late night, and everything in the middle. Therefore, when they state, “In Here, its Always Friday,” they would not joke about this.

250 Main St White Plains, NY 10601 is their address and you can have lunch from 11.00 AM onwards.

La Bocca

Tony clarifies that his affection for Art and Italian culture inspired the name La Bocca; you can view this when you venture into La Bocca, details to shading, beautiful pieces, stone dividers constructs and vibe that will make you feel as though you are in a Bottega dining a square from the Coliseum.

Alongside the feel La Bocca’s will convey quality plates with the basic elements of utilizing imported fresh items from Italy; anything from margarine right to tomatoes and pasta you’ll discover your sense of taste satisfied on appreciating great and new Italian plates here at La Bocca.

They are located at 8 Church St White Plains, NY 10601-1901 and are open from 11.30 AM.

Graziella’s Italian Bistro

They are pleased and eager to declare they have rolled out certain improvements alongside their idea and moved their restaurant to our new home directly at 99 Church Street. They have mixed Blue with Graziella’s in the past at 95 South Broadway. Their most current endeavor offers an Italian Bistro cooking joined with a modern and imaginative Décor. They are an easygoing and agreeable café concealed on the peaceful part of town, only minutes from the City Center Plaza and the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Their Portofino Room is found on the first floor and obliges up to 80 visitors; they can likewise have any private occasion in their primary lounge area or parlor.

BLT Steak

At BLT Steak White Plains, situated in the constantly rich Ritz-Carlton Westchester Hotel, Westchester inhabitants can appreciate their mark warm popovers alongside uncommonly chosen steaks, crisp fish and fulfilling sides, for example, grilled asparagus and hash browns. Steakhouse eating in Westchester never sounded so great.

221 Main Street Ritz Carlton Westchester White Plains, NY 10601 is the address to go to have such mouth-watering dishes.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Here at Buffalo Wild Wings located at 1 Mamaroneck Ave White Plains, NY 10601, they offer a wide assortment of games on their 40 or more TVs which can be seen all through their café. They have a wide assortment of the menu from Traditional wings to Garden Salads. Nothing will beat watching a game in Buffalo Wild Wings.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

Morton’s The Steakhouse, the country’s head steakhouse group, works in exemplary, healthy toll, serving liberal parts of USDA prime matured beef, just as fresh fish, lobster and chicken dishes. The menu includes an assortment of most loved cuts, including a 24-ounce porterhouse, which is the house forte, a 16 ounce New York Strip and a 12-ounce twofold cut filet.

The premier restaurant is located at 5 Mamaroneck Ave White Plains, NY 10601 and you will not have any difficulty reaching it when you have a limo with you.


A unique culinary experience waits at Kanopi – the private café and completely adjustable occasion space situated on the rich Ritz-Carlton Westchester Hotel.

Their exceptional restrictive area covered in the mists is only a short way from Midtown Manhattan. Confer here for your extraordinary event, corporate occasion, or private supper for an exceptional encounter 42 stories above. At the point when the doors of the glass lift open, you will find an unmatched dimension of service and extravagance. From custom menu planning to amazing perspectives on the New York City horizon, Hudson Valley, and Long Island Sound, your Kanopi experience is standing by at 1 Renaissance Square White Plains, NY 10601.

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Ride in Style on Your Special Day in Westchester in Our Exclusive Wedding Limo

Spreading across 500 square miles, Westchester is larger than more than forty countries and territories including the U.S Virgin Islands and Vatican City. Westchester is an underrated destination for exotic weekend getaways, but believe us this county has a lot of scope in terms of a travel destination. A beautiful and quaint place located merely 12 miles away from Manhattan and with 450 square miles of riverfront parks, historic sites, trails and cultural attractions this place is worth a visit.  It’s high time now! Rethink your New York’s famous county!

Westchester is not only rich in natural landscapes but has robust roads and transit connections that makes a trip from New York City, Connecticut, and New England easier and convenient. In the early 19th century the most powerful families of Manhattan built their weekend castles in Westchester and since then the county has grown into one of the most lavish and accessible suburban enclaves in New York. It has numerous high-class restaurants, hiking trails, and grand old buildings that worth exploration.

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Trump National Golf Club Westchester

In the heart of Westchester County and just at half an hour distance from Manhattan, the Trump National Golf Club is valued for its peace of mind. The Grand Clubhouse is fully state of the art with recent renovations in the ballroom and bridal suite. They feature a wide variety of authentic cuisines and an extravagant décor. And their signature 100 foot waterfall offers the perfect location for capturing romantic pictures of the couple on their big day. Also, their event planners will take care of all the wedding requirements from guest accommodations, photographer, music, décor to a florist to make your special day even more special.

MountainView Manor

A stunning Victorian Mansion and Ballroom, MountainView Manor is situated on a 165 acre property in the Hudson Valley, NY. With a lush green, countrified, and valley setting this wedding venue offers a charming backdrop for a peaceful and romantic intimate outdoor wedding ceremony.

Reid Castle

With Shakespearean décor rooms, Reid Castle provides a wedding venue that is ideal for a special and memorable wedding ceremony. Featuring marble staircases, dark wooden walls, high ceilings, massive chandeliers, a trimmed garden and gorgeous stone walls outside this castle is an elegant wedding venue in Westchester.

Valley Rock Inn

If you wish for a serene and beautiful wedding then the quaint and peaceful Valley Rock Inn located just 1 hour from Manhattan is the perfect choice for you. Settled at the foot of the Ramapo Mountains in the appealing village of Sloatsburg this venue is a perfect spot for a serene wedding ceremony.

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